Series of workshops

by admin

Many times I have found myself watching tons of YouTube videos just to learn something fairly simple that was not covered in any of the classes I took.  Many more, I have heard people talking, using some terminology that I am supposed to know just because “I am a Computer Science student” ??.  It might be true, but in order to achieve this I might have to be reading and listening Podcasts all the time, which will be difficult because I also have a life.

Someone would say — well, just look it up on google — and I am thinking —Oh boy… If I could skip work today.

Join this Series of Workshops and learn something new along with your fellow students.  We want this to be a safe environment for you.  You know? that’s cool, lets help others.  You don’t know? that’s cool, let us help you.

You will be exposed to:

  • New material/topics, How-to troubleshoot with google, Working collaboratively and much more…

Find the workshops schedule on the Events page, or on the CAHSI tentative schedule page.

P.S: Contact us if you want to be part of this initiative and lets help everyone grow!