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Our kickoff party was a great success! It was great having the opportunity to meet current and new CS majors. Some of the professor even stopped by to introduce themselves to the students. Our goal was to get the members of the CS department informed of our past current and future events and at the same time allow our community to not only grow professionally, but become closer with one another.

During the event, we also introduced the team of directors of our Computer Science Society (CSS) Club.  We learned that communication is key to achieve goals through educational experience activities, all attendees were rewarded with soft drinks and pizza at the end of the event.

We hope we continue bringing our community together, by providing technical and soft-skills workshops; field trips and, why not, by going out together.

Series of workshops

Many times I have found myself watching tons of YouTube videos just to learn something fairly simple that was not covered in any of the classes I took.  Many more, I have heard people talking, using some terminology that I am supposed to know just because “I am a Computer Science student” ??.  It might be true, but in order to achieve this I might have to be reading and listening Podcasts all the time, which will be difficult because I also have a life.

Someone would say — well, just look it up on google — and I am thinking —Oh boy… If I could skip work today.

Join this Series of Workshops and learn something new along with your fellow students.  We want this to be a safe environment for you.  You know? that’s cool, lets help others.  You don’t know? that’s cool, let us help you.

You will be exposed to:

  • New material/topics, How-to troubleshoot with google, Working collaboratively and much more…

Find the workshops schedule on the Events page, or on the CAHSI tentative schedule page.

P.S: Contact us if you want to be part of this initiative and lets help everyone grow!

NEIU Local Hack Day


The First Place Prize

Used a light sensor to detect when the lights were off and would turn on the Christmas lights and use a RasperryPy to make them light up in time to the music.

Opening Ceremony:

Watch a video of the event here:

On December 1st Northeastern Illinois University hosted its very own hackathon! The event was a huge success drawing a total of 44 people including students from NEIU, Triton College and even students from local high schools! The event was organized by the Computer Science Society and Game Maker Club with Claudiu Moise taking the role of lead supervisor.

The event was part of the Local Hack Day meta-event hosted by Major League Hacking that attracted more than +7000 STEM students from across +40 countries. MLH is the official hackathon sponsor for student hackathons throughout the United States and were official sponsors of this event.

The best part? NEIU was the only university to host this event in the entire city of Chicago! Talk about an open market!

What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are learning focused invention marathons where participants dream up fun, interesting projects and work in small teams to bring them to life! Participants are given categories and are encouraged to use their creativity to make a project that stretches the boundaries of technology!

Hackathons are a great opportunity to work with technology you’ve never tried before!

Another big perk of hackathons is that many companies use these events as a way of recruiting CS students for jobs and internships! Most of the time there is also plenty of free food, free T-shirts/goodies, technical workshops to learn new skills, and prizes for winners of the competition!

Our own Hackathon had a 1st place prize of $80 worth of Amazon gift cards to be split among the team. There was also a 2nd place prize featuring some Microsoft branded socks (because why not).

Check out some photos of the event: