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Northeastern Illinois University
Student Organization Constitution & By-Laws



This Constitution establishes the Computer Science Society; hereafter, the CSS, as a representative body of students, with the purpose of:

(1) networking students interested in computing technologies with other students, faculty and industry professionals;

(2) encouraging academic success

(3) and fostering professional growth

This is a living document and is currently under construction.

Article I:    MEMBERSHIP

The membership of the organization shall consist of the following:

(1)    Subscription – Members shall complete the official membership form provided by the department of Member Services and complete payment of requisite membership dues as outlined by the Executive Committee.

(2)    Attendance – Members of the organization shall be currently enrolled students who have attended at least 2 meetings of the organization excluding special events;

(3)    Academics – The minimum academic grade point average for general membership shall be at least 2.0 on 4.0 GPA scale;

(4)    Discrimination – Membership in the organization will not be denied to any person(s) on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or veteran status.

(5)    Revoked Membership – Membership may be revoked from any member who is in considerable violation of this constitution of the ACM Code of Integrity by three-fourths affirmative vote of the Executive Committee. The length of time for which a membership can be revoked shall not exceed 120 days.

Article II:    OFFICERS

(1)    The Executive Committee shall consist of no less than the following Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

(2)    Each officer of the Executive Committee must be a student enrolled at the University. In addition, each officer must remain enrolled in at least 3 credit hours and maintain at least a 2.5 academic grade point average to remain eligible to serve.

(3)    Attendance – Officers of the organization shall be present or otherwise excused for no less than 2 out of any 4 consecutive officer meetings organized by a member of the Executive Committee;

(4)    Removal – The Executive Council may remove specific officers for just cause by two-thirds vote. Grounds for removing an officer include failure to comply with the CSS Constitution and ACM Code of Integrity as well as failure to fulfill the minimum duties of their position.

(5)    Members-at-Large – Each active Member of the organization shall be allowed to vote for as many of the candidates as there are vacancies.

Article III.    ADVISOR

(1)    The advisor shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and selected by the regular membership of the organization.

(2)    The advisor must agree to serve and submit a letter indicating willingness to serve to the Student Government Association Charter & Rules Committee.


Section A.    PRESIDENT

(1)    shall preside at the meetings of the organization;

(2)    shall act as an ex-officio member of all committees;

(3)    (list other duties).


(1)    shall file charter renewal forms at the beginning of each academic year prior to the last day of September (and whenever officers change) with the NEIU Student Activities Office;

(2)    shall preside at meetings of the organization in the absence of the president;

(3)    (list other duties such as programming chair in which they would be responsible for working with the Student Union and Student Activities Office for space for events).

Section C.    TREASURER

(1)    shall collect all funds raised, make deposits to the University Cashier’s Office and submit deposit receipts to the Student Activities Office;

(2)    shall report to the organization a financial report after fundraising efforts;

(3)    (list other duties).

Section D.    SECRETARY

(1)    shall maintain organization meeting minutes and records;

(2)    shall transmit to the Student Activities Office minutes and signature of those attending meetings whenever a meeting is held.

(3)    shall make sure current organization Constitution and By-Laws are on file in the Student Activities Office;

(4)    (list other duties).

Section E.    The Executive Committee will have the authority to make interim decisions for the organization subject to review by the organization at the next meeting.  The Executive Officers are responsible for the overall functioning and coordination of the organization.

Section F.    Standing Committees

(1)    (list any standing committees of the organization).

(2)    Membership of standing committees shall be recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership.  The Executive Committee shall appoint the Committee Chair.

Article V:    MEETINGS

The organization shall meet at least   (we recommend at least 4 times)   times during each semester of the regular academic year.

Article VI:    QUORUM

Section A.    A minimum of (we recommend 2) Executive Officers and   (we recommend  50% of the membership)   must be present to conduct official business of the organization.  Signature lists shall be maintained of those attending each meeting.

Section B.    Once quorum is established, at least a (we recommend simple) majority vote (50% plus 1) of members present is needed to pass a regular motion placed on the table.


Section A.    The President shall appoint a chair for the Elections Committee with the approval of the organization.  (state at which meeting the election of officers will be held).

Section B.    Only regular members who are currently enrolled and in good standing are eligible to vote.

Section C.    A majority vote (50% plus 1) shall be necessary to elect officers.

Section D.     All officers shall hold office until new officers have been elected.

Section E.    The term of office shall be one year.  No officer shall serve in the same position for more than two academic years.


Members who are currently enrolled, are active in the organization, and attend at least (we recommend at least 2) meetings each semester, shall be considered members in good standing.  Only members in good standing have the right to vote on organization business.

Article IX:    VACANCIES

(1)    A vacancy in the position of President shall be filled by the Vice President who shall become the President.

(2)    Vacancies in the positions of Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer shall be filled by the first member-at-large receiving the largest number of votes in, second, the candidate receiving the next largest number of votes, and so on, until all the vacancies are filled.


(1)    Officers of the organization may be impeached for:

(a)    failure to attend (we recommend 50%) of the regularly scheduled meetings without justifiable reason;

(b)    failure to fulfill the duties of office as outlined in this Constitution.

(2)    Impeachment charges can be brought forward by any member.  The charges will be presented at one meeting and delivered by mail to the individual being charged.

(3)    A special meeting, at which there must be a quorum, will be held within 10 days of the initial presentation of the charges at which time the individual being charged will be able to answer the charges.

(4)    A 2/3 majority vote of those present at the meeting is necessary for impeachment and removal from office.

(5)    Vacancies created by impeachment shall be filled as prescribed in Article IX.


Section A.    This Constitution may be amended by a  (2/3 recommended)   majority vote of the membership at the first meeting of the organization at which a quorum is present following the approval of the amendment by the Executive Committee.

Section B.    Amendments must be presented to the Executive Committee for approval before they may be submitted to this organization membership of a vote.

Section C.    Amendments shall become effective following approval of the Student Government Charter Committee and the Office of Student Activities


This Constitution shall be effective as of the date that the Constitution is approved by the Director of Student Activities